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A Girl, A Chick, A Beat

13th March, 2008. 12:16 am. Down the Rabbit Hole

Stranger #74 Craig
Originally uploaded by i5prof

I got a cryptic message that said someone had found five of my social networks using Spokeo. I had never heard of it before so of course I went to take a look-see. It's a social network aggregator that finds all the public Internet content of anyone in your address book.

Talk about a TIME SUCK!

Of course I joined.

Although I can't seem to help a propensity for public navel gazing, most of my friends do not suffer the same affliction--which makes it very hard to stay in touch. Spokeo promised me new and amazing information about where the lurkers in my life are hanging out on line.

So far I've been able to dip into it in quick spurts, like a bag of Frittos that you force into a friend's hands to hide from you after a few chips. That way I get to look forward to new surprises every day.

Like the photo, taken by the director of my educational teen theater group from high school, seen above.

It turns out she's quite the photographer and she's participating in a project called 100 Strangers. Go read about it and then go check out her 100 Strangers Flickr set. Totally mesmerizing.

Hey, you had a few hours to kill, right?

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10th November, 2007. 4:52 pm. Close Call

Jess is embarking on a detox diet (no wheat, dairy, sugar) to try to deal with some gastric issues and, as any good girlfriend would, I have agreed to support her by eating everything in the house that is now off limits. It's a tough job choking down the rest of the pumpkin cookies, chocolate pudding and various cheese products, but I try to shoulder the burden gracefully.

Last night we went to New Seasons and I decided to get some granola to go with the massive container of yogurt now sitting in our fridge. They have lots of different granola varieties so I decided to test taste before buying. The first one I tried was called Rainforest Granola. I carefully scooped out one small piece and dropped it in my hand.

I popped it in my mouth and the flavor was good, nutty but sweet. As I was swallowing, I happened to look a bit closer at the container label and see these words:


Crap. Having enjoyed a variety of nuts throughout my life I was surprised to learn last winter--in the middle of a cross country ski trip--that I am violently allergic to brazil nuts. We're talking hives, itching, throat-closing allergic.

OK, I thought, it was just one piece. How bad could it be? I had barely finished this thought when I felt a peculiar tickling in my throat. Less than a minute had passed! I couldn't believe it. I called over to Jess, who was busy getting beans further down the aisle. "Honey, don't ever buy me Rainforest Granola."


I told her about the nuts and what was happening. It was mild but totally discernible and already it felt kind of hard to swallow. I waited a few more minutes and when it seemed to be progressing, I went over to the pharmacy. I explained what had happened and they were only too happy to break open a bottle of Benadryl and give me one. It took a while to take effect, which was probably good since we had to ride our bikes home with our groceries. When the sleepies hit, they hit hard, but I took a power nap and rallied so we could go to the Voices For Silent Disasters performance.

And the moral of the story is, read the label kids! And always carry drugs.

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4th September, 2007. 3:58 pm. Fresh churned marionberry ice cream

Fresh churned marionberry ice cream
Originally uploaded by ephany

Now that the Little Red Bike cafe is open, I can tease everyone with food pictures they way Ali & Evan have been teasing us for weeks. :)

I've just quality tested this freshly churned marionberry ice cream and I can say without hesitation that you should definitely come on down to the after-hours bike-through window and try some like, right now.

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31st August, 2007. 1:06 am. I still hate technology

Originally uploaded by ephany

But since I am a slave to technology, I had to rent a mac so I could finish the final projects for my online Photoshop class. I made look and feel like home before taking the baby to the Mac Dr.

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8th July, 2007. 12:53 am. Kansas City

After a late start from Denver this morning, we pulled into Kansas City, MO at 11:30pm CST.  When we walked into the (misnamed) Quality Inn, there were about eight kids between the ages of 7 & 10 in the pool.  An hour later, they were out of the pool and running up and down the hallway yelling to each other.

We have to be up and driving in a little over 6 hours.  I called the front desk and it took three tries to explain to the desk clerk what the problem was and I'm pretty sure I was speaking English.  Oy. 

Things seem a little better, but I will be very glad to leave.  If only I were remotely sleepy.

I am going to lie down and see what happens.  Hopefully sleep...

Current mood: annoyed & awake.

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4th July, 2007. 6:52 am. Just get your shit and go!

We're off to haul Traci's stuff across the country.  More later, wifi permitting.  And pics with my new camera. :)

Current mood: sleepy & allergic.

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1st June, 2007. 9:54 am. Updates

Dear flist,

If you want to know what i've been up to the last three weeks, hop on over to my journal for backdated posts.

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24th May, 2007. 1:21 pm. Bad News

    My (paternal) grandmother died.  More later.

Current mood: tired.

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17th February, 2007. 8:35 pm. At the beach...sort of

The beach gang

My friend Danette organizes these beach trips for a small group.  Last year we went four times, but this year, everyone is short on time and even shorter on money.  We had a beach trip planned for this weekend but one by one, we all bailed because basically, we're broke.

But we had all agreed to come, so I suggested we have 'beach day' at my house instead, where we'd do all the stuff we do at the beach only...not at the beach.  I suggested an appropriately beachy movie, crafts, and potluck food.

Danette and Tessa showed up at 11:00, Danette on her bike for the first time this year.  The weather today is freakishly spring-like, sunny, only slight wind with a high over 60 degrees.

The cooking and talking began immediately and Eris and Maureen arrived shortly afterward.  Danette made a huge veggie scramble and I broke out the waffle iron and we had a fabulous brunch with cranberry fruit salad brought by Maureen.

After brunch, Eris did her compulsory cleaning ritual.  She says dishwashing relaxes her and refused to use the dishwasher.  For the rest of the afternoon we've been sitting outside on the back deck enjoying the sun (my first time really hanging out in the backyard), doing crafts and coloring and watching the "Endless Beach" video that Tessa brought over.  She got it as a white elephant gift and it's hilarious how perfect it is for this occasion.  It really is endless...it's been running all day and we haven't touched it once.

For our afternoon snack, Eris made some kick ass guacamole and we downed it in waves as it came out of the food processor.  After that we did individual crafts, sat on the deck and generally turned relaxing into a fine art.  I even got mom out on the deck before the sun went down.

Eris had to leave early to go see her man and the rest of us ended the evening with the other beach oriented entertainment, the surf documentary Step Into Liquid.  It has amazing footage of some of the best surfers in the world, and some of the most dedicated. The attitude of the film is really great and could be summed up with the line, "The best surfer in the world is the one having the most fun."  As someone with four houses in Taurus, I related more to the narrator who said, "To some, a 20 foot wave is the perfect playground---to me, it's a watery grave."  I did try surfing once when I went to Hawaii in 1997.  I had a great time and I can see how people get addicted to it, but I know I'd never be one of those people.  I hate getting water up my nose too much.

Sadly, it all came to an end around 6:00, in plenty of time for me to clean up the evidence and start dinner before Jess got home.  Today was my day to play housewife so I got up before the party and cleaned the upstairs--including the bathrooms, probably my most  hated chore of all time.

Mom's having a good day today after a rough start and it's been nice having her hang out with us.  Tomorrow, or perhaps later tonight, I go back to the land of stressed out student.  But I'll try to take a little of the beach with me when I go.

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15th February, 2007. 10:33 pm. My Valentine Postbox

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